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At Obadare, we stand by our ‘no rework or error’ approach to quality management.  It stems from our company-wide commitment to guaranteeing quality deliveries, every time, on time.

Our clients are our livelihood, and we meet their needs from the ground up, delivering outstanding quality management on all projects. We achieve this by constantly identifying, refining and implementing improvements throughout every aspect of our operations. We always strive for excellence in both process and product, never complacency.

We recognise the value of constant self-improvement and achieve our superior quality management with a ‘Plan, Do, Check, Act’ approach. We are passionate about this process, and the identification of more efficient or effective approaches has become an intrinsic component of the Obadare culture. The continual increase in performance standards is of enormous mutual benefit to both our clients and our company.

Client satisfaction is integral to any Obadare delivery. A Manufacturer’s Data Report (MDR) regulates and maintains quality throughout every aspect of product or service delivery with all materials fully traceable throughout the supply chain.

All staff are highly trained to fulfill the needs of the client, with comprehensive Internal training control in place.

Procedures, processes and evidence generated throughout all manufacturing activities are to the highest possible standard and tailored to suit each client’s individual needs.

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