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APLNG Reedy Creek Tie in Spool Upgrades

ClientGTI - WDS - Origin APLNG

ServiceSite measure & upgrade well head tie-in spools for Reedy Creek gas field

ValueField $800 000

LocationReedy Creek, Miles QLD


Upgrade well head tie-in spools - site measure, certified fabrication of steel components and pressure piping, assembly, inspection, coating, commissioning and delivery.


  • Qualify multiple welders to WDS welding procedure specification  in accordance to ASME B31.3
  • RT & hydrostatic testing
  • Protective Coating as per Origin specifications


  • Provided qualified staff, equipment & management to perform work scope as required


  • Qualified pressure welders to perform welding as per ASME XI & Origin requirements
  • Compliant mine/gas spec mobile welding units & specialised equipment to perform work scope on site
  • Protective coatings
  • NDE & Hydrostatic testing
  • Welding supervision & project management
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