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Precision Machining & Oil Field Threading

Obadare’s Precision Machining Division includes some of the most up-to-date equipment and processes available. Our extensive industry experience has resulted in our development of specialist machining techniques enabling us to provide unique and high level services to a wide variety of industries.

Machining Capabilities

  • CNC Lathe for Drill Stem Machining with 260mm spindle bore and two metres between centres, allowing for the machining of thread items up to 14 metres in length
  • Semi-Auto Drill Stem Handling Facility including in-line hard banding, hydraulically operated drill stem straightener
  • CNC Vertical Machining Centre 4th axis (HAAS)
  • CNC Lathe Turning Centre
  • 105mm Spindle Manual Lathe Taper Turning Attachment
  • In situ (on-site) Line Boring
  • In situ (on-site) Flange Facing, Pipe Weld Preparation
  • Specific machining skills for the oil and gas industry
  • DS-1 Fourth Edition trained staff.

Obadare offers machining of threaded connections on drill pipe, drill collars heavy weight drill pipe (HWDP), bottom hole assembly (BHA) subs and specialty drilling tools to the oil and gas, exploration and production industries.

The core service provided by our oil field machining service is the machining API and premium connections on Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG), casing and tubing. Our quality management system ensures that all threads are inspected and gauged by equipment which is certified and calibrated to industry standards.

Integral to our machining services are the processes of Cold Rolling and Phosphating which serve to extend the life span of rotary shoulder connections. 

Drill pipes undergo repeated, severe tensile stresses during a drilling operation. These cyclic stresses are particularly focused on the thread roots and can cause premature pipe failure. Cold Rolling is a method in which the threads root of the material is compressed. The amount of force we introduce controls the hardness and other properties of the finished product; the endurance limit to bending forces is increased, thereby decreasing fatigue.

Phosphating is a chemical process that etches the machined surfaces of the threaded connection. This assists to retain thread compound, ensuring proper lubrication of the mating surfaces. This process prevents galling of threads and, as such, all connections machined by Obadare are phosphate coated.

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