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Indigenous Participation

Obadare is committed to building strong relationships with Indigenous communities and creating increased opportunities for employment and engagement.

We acknowledge Indigenous people as being the original carers of their lands and the importance of preserving their culture and customs.
In line with our Indigenous Action Plan (IAP) we focus on the following areas:

We see that having strong, sustainable and respectful relationships with Indigenous people and their communities is crucial to ‘closing the gap’ of disadvantage between Indigenous and non-Indigenous groups.

We recognise and respect the local customs and practices of Indigenous people and their communities and the importance of these practices in preserving and protecting their culture.

We are committed to providing long-term, sustainable employment, training, education and business opportunities for Indigenous people and their communities.

Gender Equity

Obadare values and promotes the diversity of its employees and observes its obligations under all laws and regulations concerning fair treatment that relate to its business.

Our Gender Equity Policy is intended to support a workplace culture that ensures the right of all people to be treated with fairness, equity and dignity by providing an environment free of discrimination and harassment.

This will be done by:

  • Informing all employees of their rights and obligations
  • Setting standards of behaviour in accordance with fair treatment principles
  • Addressing the consequences of breaches to this policy.
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