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Certified Manufacturing / Fabrication & Maintenance Services

Obadare offers a diverse range of engineering services to the oil and gas, mining, government utilities, industrial, defense and transport industries.

Our highly experienced team can provide technical and supply solutions to meet all industry requirements. We can do this from initial concept through engineering/design and final installation and commissioning of the project. Whether it’s a small $1000 job or a $50 000 000+ project, Obadare has the expertise and ability to deliver on-spec, on-time, every time.

Obadare’s reputation, history for quality produced items and quality assurance system ensures complete material and input traceability, better fit-up when fabricating, reduced lead times which flows into improved cost control and  project delivery in a very competitive, high wage-driven market place.

Obadare Pty Ltd has considerable experience in the manufacture of pressure vessels and piping systems in Queensland to meet client specifications across multiple industries. Specification Codes typically include AS/NZS, ASME, CSA and ISO.

Our experienced team is highly skilled in the fabrication of quality products in various materials to suit individual industry requirements. These include carbon and low temp carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex steel, low alloy steel and many others.

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